On-site 3D measurement and acoustical analysis provide an accurate model of any existing space, laying the foundation for the designs. 

Spatial data from the model is used inside the proprietary acoustical modeling and simulation algorithms to determine which products will be most effectively deployed, and tightly coordinated with other construction materials. The final design is then used to create an auralization of the proposed solution, enabling the end user to hear the result of the room before construction begins.

The audio experience should be the same in every seat.


No matter where you sit, the Word should grab you. The worship should bring you to your feet. The invitation should take you to your knees. Every seat in your venue become the sweet spot in the mix. We empower you to lead the entire audience through a better experience.

The Definition of True Acoustics.

Higher Resolution

Because we measure rooms more accurately, we can design them more efficiently.

Wider Bandwidth

Active bass processing allows for better phase coherency and pattern control of the lowest octaves.

Greater Flexibility

Active acoustics give mix engineers a definable and variable acoustic palette. They can mix “into” the sound of their room, rather than having to compromise their choices based on an inaccurate or inefficient one.

Our goal is to achieve equal experience, spatial realism, and a balanced reverberant field in every seat of the house.


Fix The Room First

More often than not customers consider purchasing a new PA before addressing the acoustics in their space. Hence the start of the “Fix the Room First” campaign. Compared to other solutions on the market the definition process works with any existing PA no matter the brand. The definition process provides a balanced reverberating field while allowing for immersive audio capabilities through the same speakers used in the active absorption process. The definition process comes out ahead of competing solutions on the market in both performance and price.

See how definition can work for you.

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